Help Articles for Retail GrowFlow Customers
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Retail: Navigation Updates
Clearing Your Chrome Browser’s Cache and Cookies

Retail: Merge Products
Retail: Metrc - Sync Test Results
Retail: Cost Per Unit vs. Total Package Cost on Transfers
Retail: Using SKUs, UPCs, and Package IDs
Retail: Package Import Tool
Retail: Understanding SKUs, UPCs, and Package IDs
Retail: How to Accept Non-MJ Items
Retail: Metrc Cheat Sheet
Retail: How to Create a Product Profile
Retail: How to Edit a Product Profile
Retail: Adding Suppliers
Retail: Adding Strains
Retail: Adding Brands
Retail: How to Tag a Product Profile
Retail: How to Delete a Product Profile
Retail: Tiered Pricing (Pricing Groups)
Retail: How to Delete a Pricing Group
Retail: How to Create Product Categories
Retail: How to Use Bulk Edit
Retail: Standalone - Adjusting Packages
Retail: Outgoing Transfer Manifests
Retail: Metrc - Reconcile Tool
Retail: Metrc - Finding and Reporting Unreported Orders
Retail: Metrc - Incoming Transfers
Retail: Metrc - Outgoing Transfers
Retail: Metrc - Duplicate Packages on Transfer
Retail: Metrc - Conversions
Retail: Metrc - Adjusting Packages
Retail: Conversions
Retail: How to Edit Package Information
Retail: How to Place a Package on Hold
Retail: How to Release a Package that is On Hold
Retail: Where to Add Test Facility and License Number on Packages
Retail: How to Use Reconcile for Bulk Adjustments
Retail: Inventory Reconciliation With Metrc
Retail: How to Use Finish Packages (Bulk Finish)
Retail: PAR Reorder Feature
Retail: Exporting Reports in GrowFlow
Retail: Package Label Creation
Retail: Printing Package Labels
Retail: GrowFlow to GrowFlow Retail API transfers