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Retail: Merge Customers
Retail: Merge Customers

How to merge duplicate customer profiles

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There are cases where there may be “duplicate” customer profiles in your list of customers. The Merge Customers feature enables you to merge two or more customers into a single profile, by indicating which profile they should be merged into. This merge will also transfer any loyalty point balance, as well as the customer's order history, into the remaining profile.

NOTE: This feature is only available to users with Organization Admin permissions.

Why Are There Duplicate Customer Profiles?

You may find you might have multiple customer profiles for the following reasons:

  • A user did not search the Customers list for an existing profile before creating a new one.

  • A user was unable to locate an existing profile on the Customers list due to a variation in spelling, case, or the customer is listed under a preferred name as opposed to the name listed on their driver's license/state ID.

  • An error blocked sales for the existing profile, so a new one was created to complete a sale for the customer.

How is it Used?

  • Navigate to Customers.

  • Locate the customer profile that you want to retain after the merge.

  • Click the Merge button in the top-right corner of the Customer Details pane on the right side of the screen.

  • The Merge Into Customer modal will pop up on the screen. Select the duplicate customer profile from the drop-down menu. If you have more than 100 customers in your Customers list, you will be prompted to search for the duplicate.

PLEASE NOTE: If a customer profile is disabled/inactive, it will not show up in the merge tool. You will need to reenable the profile before proceeding with the merge.

  • Once you locate the duplicate profile and select it, the modal will display an overview of what's being merged between the two profiles  — Current Points, Total Points Earned, Total Points Spent, and Total Orders.

  • Click the Merge Review button to proceed. You will be prompted to confirm the merge.

PLEASE NOTE: Merges are destructive and will detach orders and order items from the duplicate profile. It will also remove any points associated with the duplicate profile and add them to the profile that will be retained. Please review the data before confirming the merge.

  • Click Confirm Merge to complete the merge.

  • You will be taken back to your Customers list. The duplicate profile will show Deleted under the Status column. Once you refresh or navigate away from your Customers list and back, the Deleted profile will no longer show in the list.

If you have multiple duplicates to merge into a single profile, repeat the process above until all duplicates are merged. There isn't a way to bulk merge multiple duplicate profiles into a single profile.

You have now successfully merged the duplicate customer profiles. Good work! 🌟

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