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Retail: Setting up Menu Groups
Retail: Setting up Menu Groups

Best practices for setting up menu groups

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If you are setting up a menu integration (such as Weedmaps, Leafly, etc.) you will need to create menu groups. Menu groups are added in the menu settings screen when creating a new menu or editing an existing menu.

Each menu group represents a section of your product offerings and tells the integrator which products in GrowFlow should be displayed in which categories on their end.

How to Setup a Menu Group

1. Add a Group Name. We recommend breaking up your menu groups by Product Category.

2. When setting up your menu for the first time we recommend using Display Product As Product Name. You can use the other options as well, but remember they will require that the Brand name and Strain name have been input on the Product profile.

3. Select the Product Category filter and then select the appropriate Product Category(s) for the menu group.

4. Click the Add Filter button. Select the Inventory Qty. Is Above filter then enter zero for the value. You can enter a higher value but remember some items may not appear on your menu if they do not qualify for the value you set in the filter.

5. Click the Add Menu Group button to add additional menu groups. Set each one up as we have above.

6. Once you have added all of your menu groups and set each one up, please use the Preview button to look at your menu. This will display all of the items that should appear on your integration partner's menu.

7. Click Save & Close when you are finished.

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