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Retail: Metrc Cheat Sheet
Retail: Metrc Cheat Sheet

A guide for the everyday basics of running GrowFlow with Metrc

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In this article, we will cover several topics on successfully using GrowFlow while connected to Metrc. We'll also go over some common do's and don'ts with these processes, as well as step-by-step instructions!

Part 1: Incoming Transfers

When a supplier sends a transfer out through Metrc it will show up on your Transfers page in Metrc first! To accept this transfer, you will want to receive it in Metrc after verifying that the tag numbers, quantities, and units of measure are correct. Once received, you will be able to navigate to GrowFlow and sync your Transfers page to bring the transfer in. Then, you'll be able to activate those packages in your GrowFlow inventory.


  • Make sure all the packages on the transfer have correct tag numbers, quantities, and units of measure in Metrc.

  • Receive the transfer in Metrc first, then head to GrowFlow to sync the transfer in and accept the packages.

  • If you would like to reject the transfer, or any part of the transfer, do this in Metrc first when receiving it. Here's a link that walks through how to receive and reject transfers in Metrc.


  • Do not create a manual transfer for an incoming Metrc transfer in GrowFlow. Transfers should always be received in Metrc and synced into GrowFlow on the Transfers page.

  • Do not accept packages that contain incorrect tag numbers or quantities. These should be rejected and sent back to the supplier for correction.

  • Don't accept packages of bulk flower that are in a Unit of Measure other than grams. This might cause issues when converting grams to pounds or ounces when making sales, resulting in discrepancies.

Here is the step-by-step article outlining the process of receiving and accepting transfers while connected to Metrc!

Part 2: Outgoing Transfers

When creating an outgoing transfer, you will want to convert any packages that need to be split, and then start and complete the outgoing transfer in Metrc. Then, the outgoing transfer can be synced into the GrowFlow transfers page. This allows for easy viewing and it makes sure that the appropriate packages are also removed from your GrowFlow inventory.


  • If you plan on sending out only part of a package you will want to make a conversion in GrowFlow first so that you have a new package to send. HERE is the section that explains how to use the conversion tool in GrowFlow. Note: You must toggle the New Metrc Tag option on and use a new Metrc Tag for conversions that will be used for outgoing transfers.

  • Verify that all the information on the Metrc transfer is correct before completing it. Once it's received by the receiving license it will not be able to be edited.

  • Run a sync on your transfers page after the transfer has been received by the receiving license in Metrc to update GrowFlow.


  • Create a manual transfer in GrowFlow for an outgoing transfer, once it is created in Metrc it will sync over to GrowFlow automatically.

  • Take packages off hold that are on an outgoing transfer, as they cannot be sold once on the transfer in Metrc and those sales will not be reported correctly.

  • Make a new package in Metrc, conversions should be made in GrowFlow to avoid using the import tool and adjusting the original package.

Here is the step-by-step article outlining the process of creating and sending outgoing transfers while connected to Metrc!

Part 3: Adjustments

Whether it's to fix a discrepancy or add inventory that was miscounted, the adjustment tool can be used to fix all sorts of issues! The adjustment tool can adjust things in GrowFlow only, or in Metrc as well as GrowFlow, making it so less time is spent in Metrc!


  • Turn on the Report to State Traceability System toggle to make sure that the adjustment is made in Metrc as well as GrowFlow if the package needs to be adjusted in both places.

  • Verify your numbers with your on-hand inventory to ensure that you make the correct adjustment.


  • Avoid adjusting packages in Metrc. Any adjustment made in Metrc will also need to be made in GrowFlow, as Metrc does not communicate adjustments made to GrowFlow. Note: If an adjustment is made in Metrc and you need to adjust the package in GrowFlow as well, remember to leave the Report to State Traceability System option off.

Here is the step-by-step article outlining the process of adjusting packages while connected to Metrc!

Part 4: Conversions

When splitting a package, or turning a package into a new type of product, the conversion tool will help get that done in both GrowFlow and Metrc simultaneously! As long as there is an item created in Metrc for the new package, you will not need to log into Metrc to make conversions.


  • Assign a new Metrc tag if the package is being transferred out of your inventory or if it needs to be a separate package in GrowFlow.


  • Do not use the SAME Metrc tag for a conversion unless you want sales and adjustments made to both the new and old package in GrowFlow to affect the original package in Metrc.

  • Avoid creating new packages in Metrc for conversions. If a conversion is done in Metrc, you will need to adjust the original package in GrowFlow to the new quantity and then import the new package into GrowFlow using the import package tool before a transfer is made.

Here is the step-by-step article outlining the process of converting packages while connected to Metrc!

Part 5: How to Deal With Discrepancies Using the Audit and Metrc Reconcile Tools

Using the Audit tool with the Metrc Reconciliation tool is an excellent way to solve discrepancies that may come up between Metrc quantities and GrowFlow quantities. After you've found the reason for the discrepancy you can use the reconcile tool to adjust both GrowFlow and Metrc to be the correct quantity!

Some things to keep in mind!

  • Audit your physical on-hand quantity to ensure that all adjustments are made correctly.

  • Use the Audit tool for adjustments that need to be made in GrowFlow to match your package quantities with your quantities on hand.

  • After using the Audit tool, use the Metrc Reconciliation tool to reconcile your Metrc packages to match with your GrowFlow package quantities.

Here are two articles that will take you through the process.

Retail: Audit Tool (Bulk Adjustments)

Part 6: What to do if a Transfer has Duplicate Packages

If a transfer you have received from Metrc appears on your Transfers Page in GrowFlow with duplicate packages on it, don't worry! We can assist with this to get it taken care of.


  • Report this to GrowFlow Support as soon as you see the issue so that duplicate packages do not get accidentally accepted.

  • Only accept one package per Metrc tag on the transfer.


  • Do not accept packages on a transfer before reviewing the transfer in GrowFlow, in the event of duplication or any entry errors from the supplier.

  • Attempt to have the supplier re-send you the transfer, we can correct these duplications.

Here is the step-by-step article outlining what to do if a transfer has duplicate packages!

Part 7: Unreported Orders

Sometimes, due to a few things, orders can fail to report to Metrc. Usually, this is caused by Metrc not accepting the push from GrowFlow, or one or more or the products on the order is not set up correctly. Don't worry though! We have excellent tools for catching these unreported orders.

Metrc Sales Audit Report:

The Metrc Sales Audit Report is a handy report that should be run at the end or beginning of every business day. This will show you a breakdown of reported and unreported sales, this way, you'll never let any unreported orders slip by and you can take care of them right away!

Here is the step-by-step article that outlines our Metrc Sales Audit Report.

Finding and Reporting Unreported Orders

Let's say we missed some unreported orders and it looks like it might be affecting your inventory counts. We can easily find and report those orders as well!

Here is the step-by-step article that outlines the best way to find and report unreported orders that may have happened in the past!

You're on your way to becoming a GrowFlow and Metrc master. Nice work! 🌟

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