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Retail: Metrc - Adjusting Packages
Retail: Metrc - Adjusting Packages

Learn how to adjust packages while connected to Metrc

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In this article, we will go over how to adjust packages in GrowFlow while connected to Metrc and how to have those adjustments reflected in Metrc.

1. Click the Inventory button

2. Click on the Packages page in your inventory

3. Locate and select the package you would like to adjust to bring up the Package Details panel

4. Click the Gear button to bring up the menu and select Adjust Package from the options shown

5. Now that you have opened the Adjustment tool, enter in the actual quantity you have on hand

6. Choose an Adjustment Reason for your adjustment from the dropdown menu

7. Enter an Adjustment Note to record any important information or explanations needed

8. If this adjustment needs to be recorded in Metrc as well as Growflow, toggle on the Report Adjustment to State Traceability System option. If the adjustment only needs to be made in GrowFlow, leave this option off

9. The difference section will show the amount you are reducing or adding from the package

After you enter in your adjustment information, do a quick review to verify everything is correct, and click Save & Close to finalize your adjustment! Nice work. 🌟

Note: If you make a mistake and adjust by the wrong amount, don't worry, you can simply make another adjustment to correct this!

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