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Retail: Metrc - Duplicate Packages on Transfer
Retail: Metrc - Duplicate Packages on Transfer

What to do if a transfer has duplicate packages in GrowFlow

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Sometimes when syncing in a transfer that has been received in Metrc to GrowFlow, the packages on the transfer can be duplicated. In this article, we will go over how to best handle this situation!

1. If a transfer is synced in from Metrc with Duplicate Packages, DO NOT activate any of the packages that are duplicates. Accept only one package per Metrc tag.

2. Reach out to GrowFlow Support using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your GrowFlow account.

3. Give GrowFlow Support the Transfer ID and the correct number of packages you should have on the transfer.

4. GrowFlow Support can then remove the duplicate packages from that order (as long as they are not accepted).

Tip: You can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F on PC, or Cmd+F on Mac, to open the search function in your Browser. This can help you locate duplicate packages quickly by searching for the Metrc tag, if you see it twice in a transfer, it's a duplicate!

Nice work!

If you have already activated duplicate packages on a transfer, you will be able to follow these steps to correct this:

1. Locate these duplicate packages that have been activated in GrowFlow on the packages page.

2. Adjust these packages WITHOUT reporting this adjustment to Metrc. You can find how to do this HERE.

3. Finish the packages in GrowFlow, ignoring the message regarding the package still having quantity in Metrc, as that is correct.

Now you will have the correct inventory. Nice work! 🌟

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