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Retail: Metrc - Conversions
Retail: Metrc - Conversions

Learn how to make conversions while connected to Metrc

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Depending on the workflow at your shop, conversions can play an important part in managing your inventory. For example, if you receive bulk product and want to turn it into pre-packaged units, or you want to split off quantity from one package into a new package, you will need to do a conversion.

Doing a conversion in GrowFlow will also create the new package in Metrc if a new Metrc Tag is assigned. If a new Metrc Tag is not assigned, it will not create a new Metrc package, and both the packages in GrowFlow will pull from the same original Metrc package when sold or adjusted.

Table of Contents

Creating a Conversion

1. Navigate to Inventory.

2. Navigate to the Conversions page.

3. Click the green Plus Sign in the top-right corner of the screen.

4. Select the Product you want to convert or split.

5. Select the Package you want to convert or split from.

6. Toggle the New Metrc Tag? option if this conversion requires a new package in Metrc. A more in-depth process for this will be included below in this article.

7. Select the New Product you are converting into. If you haven't created a new product yet, you can create one on the fly by selecting Add New Product in the product drop-down menu.

8. Select the number of items or amount of grams the new package will contain. You will see that number deducted from the Qty after Conversion calculation.

9. After all the information entered is verified to be correct, click the Save & Close button to finalize this conversion.

Your new package will show up at top of the list on the Conversions page and will include the new Package ID in the Destination SKU column. If needed, you can print new package labels for the converted product by clicking Print Package Labels at the bottom of the conversion details.

Using a New Metrc Tag for Conversions

When you want to make a conversion that applies a new Metrc tag you will want to follow these steps! You will need to use a new Metrc tag when you are making a conversion for a transfer or when you would like to separate these packages in Metrc as well as in GrowFlow.

The first step for assigning a new Metrc tag when making a conversion is to make sure that you have the Strain and Item entered into Metrc. This is because making a new package in Metrc requires an Item for that package to be created as well. GrowFlow can make a new package in Metrc, but cannot make a new item in Metrc and it must be done there. Here are the steps for getting that done!

Creating a strain for your item in Metrc

Some items need to have strains assigned to create them, so you will need to create a new strain before you create your item.

1. Navigate to your Metrc account and click on the Admin tab.

2. Click on the Strains option on the drop-down admin menu.

3. Click on the Add Strains button.

4. Enter the Name of your strain.

5. Choose a testing status for your strain.

6. Fill out the THC and CBD information.

7. Click the Create Strains button to finalize your strain.

Creating an item in Metrc

1. Navigate to your Metrc account and click on the Admin tab.

2. Click on the Items option on the drop-down Admin menu.

3. Click on the Add Items button.

4. Enter the Name of your new item. We suggest that you make this name the same as the product in GrowFlow to help keep track of information.

5. Enter the Category of your new item.

6. Choose the correct Unit of Measure.

7. Choose the Strain for this item.

8. When you have entered and verified all the information click Create Items to finalize your item.

Now you have your Strain and Item ready to go. Nice work!

Converting a package in GrowFlow with a new Metrc tag

Now that you have your Strain and Item set up in Metrc you can head back into GrowFlow to perform the conversion with a new Metrc tag.

1. Begin your conversion as normal and turn on the toggle for New Metrc Tag?

2. Enter in the Metrc Tag for New Package that you are using.

3. Choose the Metrc Item that you created for this conversion, or an existing one if it already exists.

4. Choose the Metrc Location for your new package.

5. Choose the Product for your new package.

6. Enter the Number of Items that will be in your new package.

7. When you have entered and verified all the information for your new package, click the Save & Close button to finalize your conversion.

Now your new package will be both in GrowFlow and in Metrc. Nice work! 🌟

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