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Retail: Metrc - Outgoing Transfers
Retail: Metrc - Outgoing Transfers

Learn how to create and send outgoing transfers to other licenses while connected to Metrc

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In this article, we will go over creating an outgoing transfer in Metrc and syncing that transfer into GrowFlow.

Part 1: Creating the outgoing transfer in Metrc

1. Log in to your Metrc account

2. Navigate to your Transfers tab on the navigation toolbar at the top of the page

3. Click the New Transfer button to open the New Licensed Transfer tool

4. Now that you are in the New Licensed Transfer tool, you can enter the destination license, the Planned Route, the type of transfer, and the estimated departure and arrival of the transfer

5. Next, enter the Transport license number, phone number, and the Driver who is delivering this transfer

6. Now you can begin adding the correct packages that you are transferring to the receiving license

Note: If you are only sending part of a package, you will need to make a conversion first. You can follow this article HERE for conversions!

7. Once all your information and packages are entered correctly on the New Licensed Transfer, you can click Register Transfer to complete the transfer in Metrc

Nice work, your transfer is complete in Metrc and ready to be synced into GrowFlow!

Part 2: Syncing the outgoing transfer into GrowFlow

Now that your transfer is complete in Metrc, you'll want to sync that transfer into GrowFlow. This will allow GrowFlow to know that these packages belong on that transfer and are leaving the inventory

Go back to GrowFlow, and navigate to the inventory page.

1. Click the Inventory icon

2. Click Transfers

3. Click Sync

4. You should now be able to see your new Outgoing Transfer as Pending, while all the Packages on it should be On Hold.

Note: We place them ‘On Hold’ so you don't accidentally sell something that is supposed to be transferred out.

5. Once the receiving party goes into Metrc and receives the transfer, you will navigate back to the Transfer page

6. Click the Inventory icon

7. Click Transfers

8. Click Sync

9. At this point it will update from Pending to Accepted, your packages will go from On Hold to Transferred Out, and all of the Package Quantity will be removed.

Awesome! Now your packages have been successfully transferred out of your inventory to the receiving license. Great work! 🌟

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