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Retail: Metrc Reconciliation Tool
Retail: Metrc Reconciliation Tool

Reconcile your GrowFlow package quantities with your Metrc account

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After you use the Audit tool to correct quantities for packages within GrowFlow you can switch to the Metrc Reconciliation tool to match your GrowFlow package quantities with your Metrc account. We recommend only using this tool after you have recently synced packages with Metrc, all orders have been reported to Metrc, you have done a full inventory audit and your store is closed. These are recommendations that will help the speed and potential accuracy of the tool when used. You do not have to abide by these recommendations.

This tool will also work in the same way for our clients in states where BioTrack is the state traceability system.

How to Use the Metrc Reconciliation Tool

1. Click on Inventory.

2. Select Metrc Reconciliation.

3. Once the tool has opened you can use the Reconcile all (#) Packages in Metrc button to reconcile all the packages in the tool at once. After pressing the button you will be asked to confirm the action, 'Adjust Package in Metrc'.

4. If you only want to address one or several packages on the list, you have the option to select which packages you would like to have reconciled by using the checkboxes to the left of the Package ID column.

If you have not yet used the Audit tool, please use the Audit tool before using the Metrc Reconciliation tool. For more information on the Audit tool, click here!

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