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Retail: Audit Tool (Bulk Adjustments)
Retail: Audit Tool (Bulk Adjustments)

How to bulk adjust packages in GrowFlow to match your on-hand quantity after an audit

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The Audit tool is the first place you should go when packages need to be adjusted in bulk to match your on-hand package quantities. Follow the steps below to see how you can adjust your packages using the Audit tool to ensure your inventory on hand matches what we see in GrowFlow.

How to Use the Audit Tool

1. Click on Inventory.

2. Select Audit.

3. Enter the Qty On Hand value for each package you will be adjusting.

4. Click Reconcile X Packages.

5. Select an Adjustment Reason.

6. Enter an Adjustment Note to provide any additional details about the adjustments being made.

7. Once finished, click Complete Reconciliation.

You are now ready to use the Metrc Reconciliation tool to reconcile your GrowFlow package quantities with Metrc. Click here to learn more about the Metrc Reconciliation tool.

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