In this article, we will go over all the steps to receiving and activating a transfer when connected to Metrc. If you are not connected to Metrc, or a different state traceability system, you will want to follow this guide instead:

Retail: Transfers - How to Manually Accept Transfers and Activate Packages (Standalone Only)

Part 1: Accepting the transfer in Metrc

Consult the Metrc documentation for details on how to manage transfer manifests in Metrc. To accept a transfer:

1. Log into Metrc

2. Navigate to the Transfer area on the Navigation toolbar at the top of the page

3. Select the Incoming Transfers tab

4. A list of incoming transfer manifests will be displayed. If you have identified a transfer that is not accepted in Metrc click the Receive button to begin the process of accepting the transfer.

5. Complete the review of the transfer per the Metrc documentation and when ready, select Receive Transfer.

Nice work! Now, this transfer is received into your Metrc System and you are ready to activate your packages in GrowFlow.

Part 2: Activating your transfer in GrowFlow

1. Navigate to Inventory.

2. Click Transfers.

3. Click Sync in the top-right corner of the page to sync all active transfers from Metrc.

4. Once transfers have been synced, click on the transfer you are receiving to view its active packages in the Details pane on the right side of the page.

5. In the Details pane, click Details in the top-right corner.

6. On the Details page, assign the packages to products in GrowFlow. Ensure that all packages are assigned to their respective products, that the count matches your real-world stock, and that the cost of goods is filled out.

7. Once all fields are filled out, click the Save Packages button at the bottom of the transfers page.

PLEASE NOTE: Once a transfer has been accepted, and activated in GrowFlow it cannot be modified. Ensure all information is correct before clicking Save and Activate.

Now your transfer has been accepted and you are good to start selling! 🌟

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