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Retail: How to Accept Non-MJ Items
Retail: How to Accept Non-MJ Items

Learn how to accept and add non-MJ items into the GrowFlow Retail POS

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1. Click on the Inventory icon on the left of the page.

2. Select the Transfers tab.

3. Click the Green Plus (+) button.

4. Select Incoming to create an inbound transfer.

5. Leave the Transfer Contains MJ option OFF. If you are Metrc connected, you will not see this option, as it is set to NON-MJ by default.

6. Select the Supplier.

7. Click Save & Continue to create the Pending incoming transfer.

8. Click the Add Package button to Add a package to the transfer.

9. Enter a Package ID number, or use the magic wand button to generate one.

10. Select the Product Profile from the dropdown. You can create one too.

11. Enter the quantity you are bringing into your location.

12. Enter the Cost Per Item. This is not the sales price.

13. When you've finished building the transfer use the Accept & Activate button to activate the packages in your store.

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