Printing the Package Label

In this article we go over how to print your package labels for easy product identification, and inventory purposes. 

  1. Navigate to the “Inventory tab”(a) , and locate the “Products Page”(b).

  2. From the “Products” page, locate the Item you would like to print labels for and select it. 

  3. Clicking the product, opens the “Product Details” pane

  1. Locate the “Package” you would like to print labels for

Note: that a product can have multiple packages, so it is important to verify the package number to ensure you’re printing product labels for the correct transfer. This will ensure that the correct SKU is printed if you’re using a scanner.

5.Click the action icon (B), located at the bottom right of the package information window.

6.Clicking “Print Package Label”(C) in the dialog will display a print preview window. Allowing you to verify your print, and select the number of labels to be printed.

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