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Retail: BioTrack Sales Audit Workflow
Retail: BioTrack Sales Audit Workflow

Locate and report unreported orders to BioTrack in GrowFlow

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GrowFlow Retail automatically reports your sales data to BioTrack, but there can be instances where orders fail to report for one reason or another. GrowFlow will attempt to automatically report an order three times, and if it is unable to, will mark the order as 'Unreported' in your Orders list.

This article walks through the easiest way to locate any unreported orders in GrowFlow and get them reported to BioTrack!


1. Go to Cashier.

2. Select Orders.

3. Click the Filter icon at the top of the page.

4. Add a filter for Synced equals false.

5. Unreported orders will be marked with a red icon in the Alert column. Click on an order to open the Order Details. You will see the option to manually Report to State from there.

Error Handling

If you attempt to manually report an order and receive an error, the error message should detail what is causing it to fail. Common reasons include:

  • An associated package is Finished in BioTrack

  • An associated package is no longer on your license in BioTrack

  • An associated package does not have available quantity/sale will make the package have a negative quantity

If you have any questions about how to navigate these types of scenarios, or if you run into an undefined error message, please reach out to our Client Experience team via the chat bubble in your GrowFlow account.

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