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Retail: Change Payment Type
Retail: Change Payment Type

Learn how you can change the payment type on an order to correct a mistake

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Welcome to GrowFlow, where we continuously strive to enhance your workflow experience. We're thrilled to introduce a powerful new feature that puts control directly into the hands of our Org Admin and Admin users: the ability to change the Payment Type for an order. This feature is designed to streamline your operations by enabling quick corrections to any mistakes made during sales transactions. Say goodbye to the hassle of reaching out to support for order adjustments and hello to increased efficiency in managing your dispensary operations.

Using the Feature

This feature allows Org Admins and Admins to modify the payment type for orders with a Payment Type of Cash or Other. It's important to note that orders with a Payment Type of Card Payment or Paytender cannot be altered. Additionally, orders with a Completed At date exceeding 45 days cannot be changed.

How to Change Payment Type for an Order

Please Note: Only Org Admins and Admins can take this action.

1. Click the Sales icon on the left of the page.

2. Then select Orders.

3. Search for and select the order that needs to be updated.

4. In the details panel on the right, select Change Payment Type.

5. Confirm that the change you are making and click Let's Do It!

6. Refresh the page to visually update the order with the change you've made.

With this new feature, GrowFlow continues to empower users with greater control over their dispensary operations. By enabling Org Admins and Admins to modify payment types for select orders, we're helping you save time and effort while ensuring accuracy in your sales records. We're excited for you to experience the convenience and efficiency this feature brings to your workflow.

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