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Retail: Supplementing Inbound Transfers from Metrc & BioTrack with Data from GrowFlow Wholesale
Retail: Supplementing Inbound Transfers from Metrc & BioTrack with Data from GrowFlow Wholesale

Using the GrowFlow Wholesale API to supplement transfer and package details

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When receiving a transfer from Metrc or BioTrack, GrowFlow Retail can supplement the data for the transfer and packages when the transfer comes from a supplier that uses GrowFlow Wholesale. The data is then auto-populated in GrowFlow Retail.

Why use it?

The Metrc and Biotrack traceability systems frequently do not contain as much information about a package as GrowFlow Wholesale does. When you receive an incoming transfer through Metrc or Biotrack, supplementing the package details with more information from GrowFlow Wholesale can save you time and reduce manual errors.

Supplemental Data

The following data is auto-populated from GrowFlow Wholesale if it is not received from Metrc or BioTrack:

  • Test Result Unit of Measure

    • By default, the Unit of Measure for the package is used.

    • If the package does not have a UOM, GrowFlow Retail looks at all the test results for the package and the UOM for each result. If they are different, it determines which UOM is the majority and uses that. If a tie, % (percent) is used.

  • Transfer level Data

    • Supplier (in the rare case that this is not captured from Metrc or BioTrack)

    • Transporter ID

    • Transporter License Number

    • Transporter Name

  • Package Level Data

    • Cost per unit/total cost

    • Manufacture Date

    • Harvest Date

    • Batch ID

    • Expiration Date

    • Sell by Date

    • Use by Date

  • Lab Results

    • Lab Name

    • Lab License Number

    • Tested Date

    • Test Results: THC, THCA, TotalTHC, CBD, CBDA, TotalCBD, CBC, CBN, THC mg/g, THCA mg/g, CBD mg/g, CBDA mg/g, CBC mg/g, CBN mg/g

    • Test Results PDF URL

How do you use it?

This feature is currently in beta and is being rolled out gradually. Please get in touch with our Client Experience team via the chat bubble in your account if you would like the feature enabled in your account.

Enable the feature via Store Settings

  • Navigate to Settings.

  • Select General.

  • Scroll down to the Traceability subsection.

  • Find the setting for GrowFlow API - Auto Sync Transfers and enable the toggle.

  • Click Save Settings.

Once enabled, GrowFlow Retail will determine if an incoming transfer originated from a supplier using GrowFlow Wholesale, and if so, will supplement data for the transfer and package(s).

Reviewing the Supplemental Data that was synced from GrowFlow Wholesale

To review the data that was synced in from GrowFlow Wholesale:

  • Navigate to Inventory.

  • Select Transfers.

  • Select a transfer and click on Details in the top-right corner of the sidebar.

  • In the Transfer Details, the number of fields that were auto-populated via GrowFlow Wholesale will be shown at the top of the screen. To see a list of the auto-populated fields, click on the link where it says X fields”. A list will be displayed.

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