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Retail: Package Import Tool
Retail: Package Import Tool

Learn how to use the Package Import Tool

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In this article, we will cover how to use the Package Import Tool to import packages from your Metrc account or other state traceability software.

Note: If these packages were received on a Metrc (or other traceability software) Transfer while GrowFlow is connected, please DO NOT use the Package Import Tool and instead refer to this guide HERE for incoming transfers or reach out to support for assistance.

The Package Import Tool will allow you to import packages that are active in your Metrc account, did not come in on a transfer, and are not in GrowFlow. For instance, you may have created a package on Metrc without making a conversion in GrowFlow, and you need to get that package into your GrowFlow inventory. Here are the steps for using the Package Import Tool!

1. Navigate to your Inventory.

2. Click on the Packages page.

3. Run a Sync to update your Packages list with the most recent Metrc information.

4. Click on the Import Tool to open the Package Import Tool.

5. In the Package Import Tool you will be able to see packages that are active in your Metrc account but are not active in GrowFlow.

6. You can search for packages using the search bar.

7. You use the refresh button here to perform a Hard Refresh of the page, sometimes this helps clear out any old data.

8. Click the Import Packages button to import packages from Metrc. This acts as a sync for this page.

9. To activate a package from the Import tool, start by entering or generating a Package ID.

10. Choose the correct Product from the list of products you have. You can also create a new product by clicking the Add New Product on the drop-down menu.

11. Enter the correct Quantity and Cost Per Unit for this package.

12. When you have entered and finalized all the information for each package you are importing, click the Save & Activate Packages to confirm.

After you have clicked Save & Activate Packages your packages will now be activated and ready to use in GrowFlow. Nice work. 🌟

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