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Retail: Conversions

How to create a conversion from a package

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Depending on the workflow at your shop, conversions can play an important part in managing your inventory. For example, if you receive bulk product and want to turn it into a pre-packaged unit, or you want to split off quantity from one package into a new package, you’ll need to do a conversion. 

Creating a Conversion

To create a conversion:

  1. Click on Inventory.

  2. Select Conversions.

  3. Click the green "+" button in the top-right corner of the screen.

First, you'll select the product you want to convert. From there, select the associated package that you want to convert from. Next, select the product you want to convert into. If you haven't created a new product yet, you can create one on the fly by selecting Add New Product in the product drop-down menu.

Once you've selected/created the product, choose the number of items you’re creating. When going from a bulk product to a pre-packaged unit, the unit of measure should show Items. When going from a pre-packaged unit to bulk, the unit of measure should show Grams.

If your state uses the Metrc reporting system, select if you would like to use a new Metrc tag. You will also see the option to use the same Metrc item or use a new Metrc item.

From there, click Save & Close.

Your new package will show up at the top of the list on the Conversions page and will include the new package ID in the Destination Package ID column. If needed, you can print new package labels for the converted product by clicking Print Package Labels at the bottom of the conversion details.

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