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Retail: Split Payments
Retail: Split Payments

How to use multiple payment methods for a single order

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With the rise in the use of debit card and Cashless ATM payments, many consumers will prefer to pay with a combination of cash and debit cards. GrowFlow Retail allows you to split the total of an order across multiple payment methods.

We understand some retailers will use a debit card terminal or allow credit card payments using terminals that are not integrated with the POS, so GrowFlow Retail also supports “Other” payment types. GrowFlow Retail supports an “Other” payment as one of the split payments.

Split Payment Workflow

1) Create an order as you normally would and select Checkout. Upon arriving on the checkout screen, all the payment buttons will be inactive (their color will be lighter than when active).

2) When the customer states how much they wish to pay, and what method, enter the amount (for example $16) and press the appropriate button (e.g. Cash).

PLEASE NOTE: Cashless ATM payments must be in $10 increments.

3) After you have received the first portion of payment, you will proceed to resolve the remaining balance. If you entered the cash amount first, you will now enter the amount to be charged. Remember, Cashless ATM payments must be in $10 increments. If you are using the Other payment option, you do not need to use $10 increments. Enter in the remaining balance amount and click the Other button.

4) After you have entered in the remaining balance amount you should see the Payments breakdown under Payments. Any change that may by due as a result of using Cashless ATM will also be displayed.

5) Proceed to Complete Order and finish the transaction

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