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Retail: Merge Products
Retail: Merge Products

How to merge multiple products into a single product

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There are cases where there may be “duplicate” products in your list of products. The Merge Products feature enables you to merge two or more products into a single product, by indicating which product they should be merged into and having all packages associated with any of those products be linked to that one product.

Why Are There Duplicate Product Profiles?

You may find you might have multiple product profiles for the following reasons:

  • Two or more versions of a product have been created, perhaps by mistake, and there is inventory associated with each product. You would like to combine those into one product and have all inventory packages associated with those products linked to one product.

  • If you have more than one store location, and your account has been migrated to using the new Organization Settings and Global Products, there may be instances of multiple products in the Global Products list that you can merge.

How To Merge Product Profiles


  • In order to merge products, they must meet the following requirements:

    • Must be all MJ or Non-MJ

    • Must have the same Unit of Measure

    • Must have the same pricing type (all must be Simple or all must be Tiered)

  • Before merging products, it is advisable to review the attributes of the product the others are being merged into, and if necessary, make any edits at that time.

Merging Products

  • Navigate to Organization Settings.

  • Select Products.

    • Please note: If your account has not yet been migrated to use Global Products, you will need to navigate to Inventory and select Products.

  • Locate the products you wish to merge. If necessary, use the search box or filters to find the appropriate products.

  • Use the bulk select checkboxes to select the specific products to be merged.

  • Click on Merge Products in the sidebar.

  • The system will present a list of the products and their attributes, including how many packages are associated with the products.

  • From the list of products, select the product that will remain after the merge. The attributes of that product will be those kept post-merge.

    • You should select the product that has the desired attributes, price, tags, etc. The attributes of the “Merge Into” product can be edited before or after the merge.

    • All packages associated with the selected products will be linked to the product the other products are merged into.

  • Once you have selected the “Merge Into” product, press the Confirm button.

  • Confirmation of the merge is required. Press OK to proceed or Cancel.

Once the merge is complete, only one product will remain. All packages associated with the merged products will be associated with the remaining product. Click on the product to view the associated packages in the sidebar.


I'm getting an error when trying to merge products. What am I missing?

If the products selected do not meet the requirements specified in the Prerequisites section above, an error message will be displayed and the merge will be prevented.

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