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Retail: GreenScreens Menu

How to set up your GreenScreens menu to display live inventory in your store

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This integration allows GrowFlow customers to have their live inventory on a digital menu board in their retail dispensary so their customers to see what is available in real time.

To begin this setup process, create a GreenScreens account, and retrieve your GreenScreens API key. Find out more here: GreenScreens for Retailers.

Setting up the integration

1. Navigate to Settings.

2. Select the Menus option.

3. Click the Green + button on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

In the pop-up dialog box:

  1. Enter a name for your menu (e.g. "In-Store Board 1 Menu").

  2. Choose "GreenScreens" as the Menu Type.

  3. Enter the GreenScreens Menu Key provided to you by GreenScreens and click the "Test GreenScreens Connection" button to ensure the connection is successful.

If the API key is correct and the connection is enabled, you will see a confirmation message. If the API key is incorrect, you will see an error message. Double-check the API key is correct and re-enter.

Please note: Pre-orders are not an available option as GreenScreens is for display only.

Adding menu groups

Next, begin designing your menu by adding Menu Groups. Menu Groups use filters to link your GrowFlow product templates to Menu Group types.

  1. Enter a "Group Name". This is the overall category of the menu items such as "Pre-Rolls" or "Edibles".

  2. "Display Product As" is a setting that will name your products based on the custom attributes you select to be taken from your GrowFlow product template. Here, I have chosen the naming convention of “Product Name”.

  3. "Filters" are what will set your products to be visible in the store. You will filter your current inventory based on custom attributes. On the Pre-Rolls menu category above, I have chosen to have only products from the brand “Green Meadows Farms".

  4. Add more Menu Groups by clicking on the “Add Menu Group” button on the bottom, left-hand corner.

  5. When you are done building your Menu Groups, click "Preview" to view your work.


Note: Only products with active inventory will show on your menu preview.

Your menu setup is complete! Click "Save and Close".

Great work!

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