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Retail: Product Templates

Using existing products to auto-fill product information for new products

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Efficiently Copying Existing Product Profiles in GrowFlow Retail

Streamline your workflow and reduce errors by utilizing GrowFlow Retail's feature that allows you to duplicate existing product profiles when adding new items that match your existing inventory.

How to Duplicate an Existing Product Profile:

1. Start by clicking on the Org Settings icon located on the left side of your screen.

2. Choose the Products option.

3. To create a new product, click the Green + button located at the top-right corner of the screen.

4. Begin typing the name of the product. Please be aware that it is case-sensitive.

5. After entering the first three characters, potential matches will be displayed for your convenience.

6. Select the product you intend to use as a template for the new item. This will pre-fill the product profile.

7. The new product profile will be automatically populated with the information from the selected product profile.

8. Customize the Product Name and make any other necessary modifications to the profile.

9. Finally, click Save & Close to save your changes.


  • Time Savings: By duplicating existing product profiles, you avoid the need to recreate them from scratch, saving you valuable time.

  • Error Reduction: Since you're starting with a known and accurate profile, the chances of making mistakes when adding new products are significantly reduced.

  • Consistency: Maintaining uniformity in your product listings is made easier as you can base new items on successful, existing profiles.

With GrowFlow Retail's feature to copy product profiles, you can seamlessly expand your inventory and maintain data accuracy in your retail operations.

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