Finding orders from customer history

You can look up an order from a customer’s purchase history by bringing up their profile on the “Customers” page and scrolling down to “Order History”. From there, click on the order number with the product(s) they'd like to return.

Tip: If they have their receipt, this will help you find the order number. The order number is printed underneath the barcode at the bottom of the receipt.

Finding orders from the “Orders” page

You can also bring up the original order from the “Orders” page. Once you've navigated to the page, click into the “Search” bar and either type in the order number or scan the barcode on the bottom of the receipt.

Completing a return

Once you locate the order, click the “Return” button in the top right-hand corner.

This opens up a new page that looks similar to a typical order but has a red banner along the top indicating that it is a return.

To add a product to the return order, you can scan the product barcode or type in the SKU or product name. After finding the correct product, click “Add to Return”. Alternatively, you can pick from the “Select from Original Order” drop-down menu on the right side of the page and click the green “Return” button next to each product’s name.

The register should now look like this, with the product listed on the return order. Once all the products you're wanting to return are on the order, click “Return Items”.

You will be prompted whether to restock the item or not. There are different situations for each option. For example, if it’s a broken vape cartridge, you’ll more than likely want to restock it and then transfer the defective product back to the original vendor. On the other hand, something like a broken vape battery might be easier to just throw away or recycle, in which case you would not want to restock it.

There’s also a field to leave a reason for the return, which makes it easier to keep track of products that you may want to stop carrying in the future.

Once you’ve decided to restock the product or not, and have filled out a reason for the return, click “Complete Return”.

Please note: Different states have different restrictions on returns. Please check your local regulations on what type of products you’re allowed to return. If you are in a Metrc Controlled State you will not see the Restock option, as all returns must be restocked before they are disposed of per Metrc.


Why is the “Return” button missing on the order?

Since a return is a type of transaction, you can only process one if you have a drawer open on the workstation you're using.

Why does the return price not match the original price?

Sometimes the return price will not exactly match the original price due to how taxes and discounts are applied. Please contact us directly if you'd like a better understanding on return prices.

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