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Retail: How to Use Finish Packages (Bulk Finish)
Retail: How to Use Finish Packages (Bulk Finish)

In this article, we will review how to use the new “Finish Packages” option to bulk finish packages in GrowFlow Retail.

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With the Finish Packages tool, you will be able to finish multiple packages at once.

Using Finish Packages to Bulk Finish packages in GrowFlow

1. To bulk finish packages, click on Inventory.

2. Select the Finish Packages tab.

3. On this page, you will see all your packages that are out-of-stock. To finish all the out-of-stock items on this page, hit the Finish Packages button. If you want to finish only one package you can still do so with this tool, but we recommend you navigate to the Packages tab to select the individual package to finish.

4. You will then see a confirmation dialogue appear. Click Yes to continue to finish the available packages on the Finish Packages page.

NOTE: If you have a large number of packages to finish, you can change the number of packages shown on the page, which will allow you to finish a maximum of 100 packages per batch.

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