Updated 03/25/2021

With the new “Finish Packages” feature, you will be able to finish multiple packages at one time. Previously when adjusting the quantity of an inventory item or finishing a package, you had to do this one at a time. With this new enhancement, you can finish out multiple packages at the same time, saving a great deal of time and effort.

Using Finish Packages to Bulk Finish packages in GrowFlow

1. To bulk finish packages, click on “Inventory.”

2. Select the “Finish Packages” tab.

3. On this page, you will see all your packages that are out-of-stock. To finish all the out-of-stock items on this page, hit the “Finish packages” button. If you want to finish only one package, please navigate to the “Products” tab to select the individual package to finish.

4. You will then see a confirmation dialogue appear. Hit “Yes” to continue to finish all the packages on the “Finish Packages” page.

5. Once complete, a success dialog will appear with the message “Zeroed out of all packages!” You will also see that the circles under the status column have changed color, from green to grey. This means the product is now inactive.

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