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Retail: Visual Purchase Limits Feature
Retail: Visual Purchase Limits Feature

We’ve made some enhancements to the way Purchase Limits are viewed in GrowFlow

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With the release of our Visual Purchase Limits feature, we have enabled you to visually see the “Per Visit” and “Per Day” purchase limits of a customer during the checkout process. Now budtenders can easily see the purchase limit of the customer they are helping at the register via a Bar displayed in the top right corner of the order screen. The Bar will fill up as products are added to the cart to give you a visual representation of the limit enforcement.

How Visual Purchase Limits Work

Purchase limits can be edited on the Compliance page in the settings section. The visual purchase limits will reflect back what is entered in the purchase limits here.

1. Click on Store Settings.

2. Click on Compliance.

3. Enable Enforce Purchase Limits and set your limits in accordance with your state and local laws.

4. Start an order for a customer. Click the Customers icon on the left, select a customer, and then click Start Order. Note: You may need to check the customer in first.

5. You will see the Purchase Limits display bar appear at the top right of the screen with a grey bar and a drop-down arrow.

6. When you hover over the drop arrow a dialogue box will pop up showing the per visit limits for the different cannabis product types available in that state.

7. Note: If you are also using per-day limits, Click on the arrow at the bottom of the dialogue box to switch between the per-day and per-visit limits.

8. Look up a product and add it to the order.

9. After adding an item to the order, you’ll notice the grey purchase limit bar starts to fill up. The per-visit view of the limits bar will fill up faster than per day since the per-visit limit is lower.

10. You’ll notice that the product limits within the per visit and per day views have been adjusted down, based on the quantity of the product that was added to the order.

11. As additional products are added to the order, the limits for each product type are adjusted and the bar will fill up.

12. As the products in an order get closer to the purchase limit, the bar will turn from grey to yellow, then from yellow to red, as it gets near the max purchase limit.

13. If the items in the order exceed the purchase limit, a red box will appear that says Over Purchase Limit and it will not allow you to add the item. You will need to choose a smaller quantity of product that fits within the purchase limits.

14. When the customer is ready to check out, just hit the checkout button and complete the order.

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