Throughout the day, as money begins to stack up from sales, you may want to consider a cash drop. This can help speed up the counting of your cash drawer at the end of the night but it's also a good safety measure by keeping your larger amounts of cash away from customers. Also, you may need to deposit more cash into your register if you're running low on change.

Money Drop From Cashier Home Page

Click on your Register under Current Drawer and then select Money Drop from the Manage Drawer options.

From here, select if the money is being transferred into or from your register, the amount, and a quick explanation for the drop. 

Once this is filled out, just click done and remove/input the cash. This can also be done from an active order but try to not count cash in from of customers.

Money Drop from Order Screen
This is the same function as before just another way to access it, this time from an order screen. 


Can't Click Done
The Drop Type, Drop Amount, and Drop Reason are all required fields that won't let you continue until they are filled out. 

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