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Retail: Money Drops
Retail: Money Drops

Learn the process for making a withdrawal or deposit into your cash register

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Throughout the day, as money begins to accumulate from sales, you may want to conduct a cash drop. This can help speed up the counting of your cash drawer at the end of the night and it's also a good safety measure to keep large amounts of cash away from customers.

You may also need to deposit more cash into your register if you're running low on change. In this article, we will review the process for making a withdrawal or deposit from the cash drawer.

Money Drop From Cashier Home Page

To initiate a drop from the Cashier Home page:

1. Click on Sales.

2. Select the register listed under Current Drawer to open the drop-down menu.

3. Click on Money Drop.

4. Select the Drop Type by choosing Paid In or Paid Out.

5. Enter the Drop Amount that you are depositing or withdrawing from the register.

6. Provide a Drop Reason for the withdrawal or deposit so you can refer to it later.

7. Enable Print Money Drop Receipt if you would like a receipt printed when the drop is completed.

8. Once this is filled out, click Done and remove or input the cash. This can also be done when an order is active, but we do not recommend that you count cash in front of customers.

Money Drop from the Order Screen

You can also initiate a drop from directly within an order. Click the Money Drop button in the top-right corner of the screen to initiate the drop. Follow the steps listed above to complete the drop.


Why can't I click "Done"?

The Drop Type, Drop Amount, and Drop Reason are all required fields. Double-check and make sure all of these fields are filled out.

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