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Retail: Pre-Order Workflow
Retail: Pre-Order Workflow

Review the processes of completing a Pre-Order

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How to Complete a Pre-Order

1. Click the Sales icon on the left of the screen.

2. Select Pre-Orders. The number to the right of Pre-Orders indicates the number of pending Pre-Orders in GrowFlow.

3. In the Unfulfilled column click the Fulfill button.

If your integrated menu (WeedMaps, IHeartJane, Dutchie) does not use the Auto-Accept New Pre-Orders feature, as a first step, move the order from New to Unfulfilled. You can enable or disable this feature by editing the integration's menu in GrowFlow.

4. Use the Search Bar to find and add the listed products to the order. You can search with the Product Name or the Package ID. The products you currently see are only Placeholders and will display a Needs Package ID message to the right.

Find and add the products from your inventory and attach them to the order. Once you have done so successfully the Package ID will appear in place of the Needs Package ID message.

5. Click the Fulfill button after adding all the products to the order.

6. Upon clicking the Fulfill button you will be taken back to the Pre-Orders page. The Pre-Order will now be under the Fulfilled column. Make sure you are on an open register, then click Checkout.

7. The Pre-Order will open on the register. Finish the checkout process to complete the order for the customer.

Cancel a Pre-Order

To cancel a Pre-Order click the down arrow to the right of the fulfill button. From the drop-down menu, select Cancel Pre-Order. You can cancel the Pre-Order at any stage.

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