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Retail: Transfers - How to Manually Accept Transfers and Activate Packages (Standalone Only)
Retail: Transfers - How to Manually Accept Transfers and Activate Packages (Standalone Only)

How to accept transfers if your state is not connected to a traceability system

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If your state is not connected to a traceability system, and you are not using GrowFlow API, you'll need to create transfers manually and then accept them. This is how you will "stock" your store.

Getting started

To make things easier, we suggest setting up the following things first before creating and accepting a transfer:

While all of these can be made when building a transfer, it can save time to set them up beforehand. After you've put the above in place, navigate to Inventory > Transfers.

Initiating the transfer

To begin, click the green plus sign in the top-right corner of the Inventory > Transfers screen.

The "Add New Transfer" modal will pop up. From here, click the radio button next to "Incoming".

If the transfer contains MJ items, flip on the toggle for "Transfer Contains MJ".

Next, select a Supplier from the drop-down menu. If you didn't previously create the Supplier, click "Add New Supplier" to do so now.

Depending on your state regulations, you may need to fill out the transporter information. You can do this by toggling on "Transporter Info" and filling out the available fields.

Building the transfer

On the next screen, click the green "Add Package" button to add a new package to the transfer. Once you've added a package, follow these steps:

1. Assign a SKU to each package. Every package you accept requires a unique SKU. To generate a unique SKU, click the magic wand icon to the right of the SKU field.

2. Assign the package to a Product. If you haven't created a Product yet, you can do so now by clicking "Add New Product" in the Product drop-down.

3. Enter the quantity received. This is the total bulk weight or the number of units that you are receiving in this package.

4. Enter the Cost Per Gram/Unit. This is how much you paid for each gram or unit in the package (not the price you will be selling it at).

Repeat these steps until you have added all of the packages. If you want to save your progress and resume at another time, click the "Save Packages" button at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have added all of the packages, double-check that everything is correct, and then click "Accept & Activate". Please note: You can not add additional packages or edit package information once the transfer has been accepted.


Why does my profit margin show a negative?

Make sure that the price you've assigned to the Product is higher than what you're entering for Cost Per Unit.

Why isn't my profit margin showing up?

The profit margin will only show for Products that are set up with the "Simple" pricing type. If a Product is set up with the "Tiered" pricing type, the profit margin will not be displayed on the transfer.

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