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Retail: (Washington) Importing WCIA Transfers From Your Suppliers
Retail: (Washington) Importing WCIA Transfers From Your Suppliers

How to use WCIA data to bring transfers into your account

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To upload all the product data in the inbound transfer, follow these steps.

A. In GrowFlow Retail, Navigate to Inventory > Transfers

  • Select the Import WCIA button

  • Enter the URL (link) you received in the email from the supplier

  • Click Import

B. The transfer details will then be displayed with many of the fields pre-populated

  • The user may have to enter product information such as SKU, product, etc.

  • To review detailed information about the product, including any test result data that was included, the user can click on “Edit Package Details”.

C. From this point the user can complete any of the remaining Transfer steps including

  • Add Package

  • Save Packages

D. Accept and Activate

Errors and Special Handling

In the process of creating an inbound WCIA there are a number of possible error conditions for which the user may receive an error message.

Errors in the Import Process

  • There was an error in importing the file.

  • The import should be attempted a second time.

  • If the import fails more than once, contact the supplier to verify the link and associated file are correct.

The License number in the Transfer Does Not Match the Store’s License Number

  • If the license number for the store in the WCIA file does not match the store's license number in GrowFlow this will cause an error.

  • Check with the supplier to verify they sent the correct WCIA Link

Supplier License Number is Missing

  • The supplier's license number must be in the WCIA file

  • Notify the supplier to update the information

Duplicate Transfer

  • If you attempt to import a transfer with the same transfer ID of a previous transfer it will fail

  • Once a transfer has been Accepted and Activated it can not be deleted.

Duplicate SKU

  • SKU is an optional field in the JSON Object. If the SKU in the file is a duplicate of a SKU already in the GrowFlow system, an error will result.

  • In GrowFlow, a new SKU can be entered. Printing new labels will likely be required.

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