Updated 11/20/2020

Once you know what Strains you are going to be carrying you can start adding them into your system, which can help speed up the process of creating a product.

Adding a Strain

  1. Click “Inventory.”

2. Click “Strains.”

3. Click the “Green +” button to add a new strain.

4. Enter the name of the strain you are adding.

5. Select the “Cannabis Type” for the strain: CBD, Sativa, Sativa Heavy Hybrid, Hybrid, Indica Heavy Hybrid, Indica.

6. Enter a description of the strain with as much detail as you would like to add.

If you carry the same strain from separate suppliers and the flower from one is more Indica dominant while the other is more Sativa dominant, it is a good idea to add the strain twice, once for each “Cannabis Type” for measuring how well each one does in sales.

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