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Retail: Weedmaps Integration
Retail: Weedmaps Integration

A step by step guide on connecting your Weedmaps menu to GrowFlow

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The Weedmaps integration will allow you to sync your inventory from your GrowFlow account to your Weedmaps online menu. Your Weedmaps online menu will be automatically updated with available inventory so that consumers know they are always seeing the most up-to-date availability of products.

How To Integrate with Weedmaps

You must have both a GrowFlow Retail and a Weedmaps account before they can integrate. Make sure you have Menus enabled on your store before you start.

Enabling Menus in GrowFlow

1. Click on Store Settings.

2. Scroll down until you see the Menu Settings section. Enable the Menus option to allow for Menu integration in GrowFlow. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save Settings, then refresh the page and you will see the new Menus tab appear.

Setting up your Weedmaps menu in GrowFlow

1. Click on Store Settings.

2. Select Menus.

3. Click the green "+" button in the top-right corner of the screen.

4. The Add New Menu modal will pop up. You can choose to set the menu to published or leave it unpublished until you have completed setting up the menu.

5. Enter a Menu Name.

6. Select Weedmaps for the Menu Type.

7. When you select the Weedmaps menu type, the first time you set up your menu, it will populate the option to generate an Access Key. Weedmaps calls this the API key rather than the Access Key, but it’s the same thing. Click on Generate Access Key. This is the key you will enter on your Weedmaps account when connecting your GrowFlow menu to your Weedmaps account.

8. Copy and save your access key so you can enter it into your Weedmaps account.

Creating Menu Groups

To finish setting up your menu, you will want to create menu groups. For more information on creating menu groups, please review this article.

1. Enter the Group Name. This can be anything you want it to be. We recommend adding a name that best covers the products associated with the menu group. For example, Concentrate, Flower, or Pre-Rolls.

2. Display Product As is a setting that will name your products based on the custom attributes you select to be taken from your GrowFlow product template. Here, I have chosen the naming convention of “Product Name”.

3. Filters: Always add the Product Category filter to the Menu Group and select the product categories that should be contained within this group. We recommend adding the Inventory Qty. is Above filter as well, but it is optional.

4. Add another Menu Group by clicking on the Add Menu Group button on the bottom left.

5. When you are done building your Menu Groups, click Preview to view your work.

Example of a Menu Preview:

Connecting your GrowFlow with your WeedMaps Account

Follow the instructions for integrating your POS with your WeedMaps account here:

You will need your GrowFlow environment name to set up the integration. Your environment name can be found by looking at your URL when using your GrowFlow account after the /c/ portion of the URL. For example, in the URL - - the environment name is "test".

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