If a producer/processor is also using GrowFlow, skip the manual transfers, and have the manifest automatically synced into your account!

Setting up the GrowFlow API connection

First, navigate to Settings > Store, and verify your License Number is correct under Store Details.

Next, Scroll down and toggle on the GrowFlow API switch in the Traceability Settings section and then click "Save Settings". You can click the "Test GrowFlow API Connection" button to check if the connection was successful.

Receiving Growflow to GrowFlow Transfers

Once you've turned on the GrowFlow API, transfers from other GrowFlow users will sync automatically. You'll be able to view and accept transfers from the Inventory > Transfers page.

When a producer/processor transfers the order to your license, it will show up in your transfers list with a Pending status.

Tip: To easily identify transfers that were synced via the API, open the Columns selector and toggle on "Is Synced With State" — the column will show "True" for any transfers that were synced.

Accepting Transfers

Navigate to Inventory > Transfers, click on the transfer you'd like to accept, and then click "Details" in the top-right corner of the screen.

On the Transfer Details page, generate a SKU for each package, assign them to appropriate Products, verify the quantity received, and enter the Cost Per Unit (the price you paid for each unit, not the price you'll be selling them for).

Once everything is filled out, click "Accept & Activate". Finally, click the "Yes, Accept & Activate" button to finalize the transfer. 

Nicely done, you've accepted the transfer! The transfer will now show up in Inventory > Transfers with an "Accepted" status.

Rejecting Items

If there is an item you wish to reject when filling out the Transfer Details, enter zero as the quantity.

Alternatively, if you'd like to reject the entire order, click the "Reject" button at the bottom of the screen.



Why is the transfer not showing up in Inventory > Transfers?

If your order is not showing up, make sure to double-check your License Number in Settings > Store. You'll also want to verify that the sender is using the correct License Number for your store.

Next, run a sync on the Transfers page by clicking the green "Sync" button in the top-right corner of the Inventory > Transfers screen.

If you're still unable to find the transfer after following these steps, please contact Support.

Why can't I accept the transfer?

You can only accept a transfer if you've filled out all of the fields for each package. If the SKU, Product, Quantity, or Cost Per Unit fields are left blank, you won't be able to proceed.

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