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Retail: Force Hold an Order
Retail: Force Hold an Order

Learn how to use Force Hold on an order to clear a register.

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In rare instances, GrowFlow may encounter an issue that results in the customer being unable to check in and start an order. If you are unable to begin an order you may have a stuck customer associated with the register.

To check, navigate to Store Settings > Registers and select the Register you are trying to begin an order on. If you see that the current shift status incorrectly shows With Customer, navigate to the current order by following the Current Order link.

After you’re taken to the order page, select the kebab (three-dots) button at the top right corner of the detail pane. Then, select Force Hold Order. This will move the order from Pending to Held status and remove the association with the register.

Now you can navigate to the Held Orders page and Cancel the order. This will clear the issue and allow you to start a new order for the customer.

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