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Retail: SpringBig Integration
Retail: SpringBig Integration

Learn how to integrate GrowFlow with your Springbig account

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In this article, we cover the process of connecting your GrowFlow and Springbig accounts. This integration allows you to sync your GrowFlow data with Springbig to build targeted and customized customer segments for messaging campaigns in Springbig.

1. You must have both a GrowFlow and Springbig account to start the integration.

2. Contact your Springbig account manager to get your Springbig API key.

3. Once you have your Springbig API key, contact your GrowFlow Customer Success Manager to add your Springbig API key to your GrowFlow account and enable the integration.

Contact the Springbig Team

Sales and support: For any questions about springbig, reach out to Eric Zeiri, Partnerships Manager, at [email protected].

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