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Retail: Importing Product Information from the GrowFlow Product Catalog
Retail: Importing Product Information from the GrowFlow Product Catalog

Import supplemental menu information into your Products from the GrowFlow Product Catalog

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To enable this feature, please contact our Client Experience team via the chat bubble in your GrowFlow account.

With the GrowFlow Product Catalog, you can seamlessly import crucial details into your Product profiles in GrowFlow Retail, including product names, brands, menu images, and comprehensive product descriptions. Using the GrowFlow Product Catalog not only streamlines your internal operations but also elevates customer experiences by ensuring that accurate, enticing information effortlessly displays on your online menus.

Accessing the GrowFlow Product Catalog

To access the GrowFlow Product Catalog:

1. Go to Inventory.

2. Select Products.

3. Select a product.

4. Click the Import Menu Details from Product Catalog button in the Product Details pane on the right side of the screen.

Importing data from the GrowFlow Product Catalog

Here is an overview of the GrowFlow Product Catalog and the information you can import into your Product profiles.

1. This area displays the Product details used in the matching algorithm to display possible matches. This is the Product as it exists in your GrowFlow inventory.

2. This area displays the data that will be used to copy from the GrowFlow Product Catalog into the Product profile. You can choose which fields to copy — the default is to use all four options.

  • Menu Name

  • Menu Images

  • Brand

  • Description

If you select Menu Images, a copyright warning will be displayed.

3. Information helper text — this explains how the feature works.

4. A clickable display of the images found in the GrowFlow Product Catalog.

5. When you find a catalog product you wish to use, you can select it here. When a catalog Product is selected, the data from the product will be displayed in the Selected Product area (see #2 above).

View details in the Activity Log

Importing data from the GrowFlow Product Catalog will be reflected in the Product's Activity Log as shown in the example below.

Bulk importing data from the GrowFlow Product Catalog

This functionality is not currently available.

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