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Retail: Product Matching (Auto-Select Products)
Retail: Product Matching (Auto-Select Products)

Auto-Select Products for Transfers — Streamline workflows and save time!

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Only applicable to Metrc transfers and transfers made via the GrowFlow API

GrowFlow is excited to introduce an innovative feature enhancement designed to streamline your inbound transfers and make your workflow more efficient! We have harnessed the power of the data we receive from Metrc and our own GrowFlow API in new and exciting ways, resulting in the ability to automatically match your packages with their corresponding product profiles.

This enhancement is poised to significantly reduce the time and effort previously required to select product profiles for each package on your transfers manually. Currently, this time-saving feature is available to all Metrc-connected clients as well as our valued clients in Washington.

Enable/Disable Automatic Product Matching

If for any reason you wish to disable the product matching feature for new incoming transfers, navigate to Store Settings > General. In the Transfer Settings section, turn off the "Auto-Select Products" switch. This setting can be enabled/disabled at any time.

How it Works

GrowFlow will actively seek out potential product matches for your packages based on data collected from previously received packages. We will automatically pre-populate the product profile on a transfer when a match is identified.

In cases where multiple matches are found, GrowFlow will provide suggested matches, simplifying the process of selection. The next time a package for that specific product arrives on a transfer, the product profile will be automatically matched, further enhancing your efficiency and convenience.

If a match is found, we will auto-select it and display it in blue:

If we find more than one match, we won't select it for you. Instead, we will list the suggestions at the top of the Product drop-down menu to save you time:

This feature enhancement also applies to GrowFlow-to-GrowFlow transfers that utilize the GrowFlow API.


If a GrowFlow Wholesale supplier transfers a package of flower (like "Black Beard - Flower - Blue Dream - 3.5g"), and you create a new product with a slightly different name (let's say "Black Beard - Blue Dream - 3.5 - H") and matches it to the inbound package, the next time you buy the same product, we will auto-select the product, making the process even more seamless.

How Will I Know if GrowFlow Selected the Product?

After a transfer has been accepted, if there is a 'chain link' icon next to the product name for a specific line item in the transfer, that indicates the product name was matched automatically by GrowFlow.

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