Adding Product to an Order

Once you have started an order, there are two ways to add a product — you can scan the product’s barcode, or search by the product’s name or SKU.

Add a Product to Order by Scanning:

1. Place your cursor in the SKU, UPC, or Package ID field and then scan the barcode to populate it.

2. Click the Add to Order button.

Add a Product to Order Manually:

Click into the Search field and begin typing the product’s name or Package ID. A drop-down will appear with any matching results.

1. In the drop-down, select the SKU that matches the product that is being sold.

2. Click the Add to Order button.

Please note: Users are unable to manually add a product if the “Disable Manual SKU Input” setting is enabled in Settings > Store. It is best practice to disable manual entry to ensure inventory accuracy.

Adding Multiple Products

When selling multiple amounts of a product, you can click the down arrow to the right of the “Add to Order” button to switch it to “Add Many to Order”.

Once switched, scan or manually enter the product. Then, click the button and you will see a prompt to enter the “Amount to Add”. Enter the value and click "Done."

Adding Bulk (deli-style)

When adding a bulk flower product to an order, you can either enter in how much the customer is wanting to buy by weight or by the total dollar amount they are wanting to pay. When entering a dollar amount, the total amount of weight that can be purchased for that amount will be calculated automatically.

Removing Product from an Order

If you accidentally add a product to an order that you didn't mean to, click on the item and then click the red “X” at the bottom of the screen to remove it.

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