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Retail: BOGO - Bulk Flower
Retail: BOGO - Bulk Flower

Learn how to utilize the BOGO discount to create deals using Bulk Flower products

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Please note this workflow does not work with PreOrders

Making BOGO Discounts Work with Bulk Flower Products

When it comes to applying BOGO (Buy One, Get One) discounts to bulk flower products in the GrowFlow POS system, it's essential to understand the intricacies involved. While BOGO discounts might seem straightforward, they can present challenges when dealing with items sold in bulk quantities. However, you can effectively utilize BOGO discounts for bulk flower products with the right approach.

Setting Up the BOGO Discount

Let's consider offering a BOGO discount on Re Up - GG4 bulk flower, where customers can buy two grams and get the third at 50% off. To set up this discount, follow these steps:

Navigate to Org Settings > Discounts and create a new BOGO discount.

Create a new discount and specify the parameters: "Buy 2 Bulk Flower grams, Get 1 Bulk Flower gram at 50% off."

Please understand that the default logic of BOGO discounts might not immediately apply to bulk flower products. The system expects individual 'items' to trigger the BOGO discount.

Making a BOGO Discount Work with Bulk Flower

To ensure the BOGO discount is applied correctly with bulk flower products do not add the full quantity of flower to the order at once.

Enter Items Individually: To trigger the BOGO discount, enter each Bulk Flower gram individually into the cart. By adding three individual grams, the system recognizes the BOGO promotion and applies the discount to the third gram.

Understanding BOGO Discount Logic: The logic behind BOGO discounts follows the principle of "eaches." For bulk flower sales, where customers typically purchase one item of multiple grams, this logic requires entering individual items multiple times to activate the discount effectively.

Applying the Concept to Other Products

The approach to making BOGO discounts work with bulk flower products can be extended to other items and quantities.

For instance, whether customers are purchasing grams or larger quantities like eighths or quarters, the same principle applies. Enter the items individually to trigger the discount correctly.

BOGO discounts can be a powerful tool for enticing customers and driving sales, but their application to bulk flower products requires attention to detail. By understanding the underlying logic and following the steps outlined above, you can effectively implement BOGO discounts for bulk flower sales in your retail POS system, enhancing the shopping experience for your customers while maximizing your revenue potential.

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