Updated 11/27/2020

Creating a Supplier

While the “Supplier” can be added when creating a Transfer, it's usually best to set this up beforehand.

  1. Click on the “Inventory” button of the left of the window.

2. Click “Suppliers.”

3. Click the “Green +” button in the top right corner to add a new supplier.

4. On the “Add New Supplier” form, please fill out the “Supplier Name” and a supplier “Type” from the drop down menu. Note that the red asterisks are required information. Depending on your State, you may also be required to add the supplier’s “License Number.”

5. Fill out any additional information you would like to have on file for your supplier such as Email Address, Phone Number, and Address.

6. In the “Stores For This Supplier” section, you can add your supplier to additional store locations. The store the supplier is created in will be selected by default. Remember to “Save & Close” when you are done.

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