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Retail: Adding Suppliers
Retail: Adding Suppliers

One of the first steps to accepting incoming inventory is creating “Suppliers” for your store.

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In the context of the cannabis industry, a supplier refers to a company or entity that provides cannabis-related products and materials to cannabis businesses, such as dispensaries, cultivators, or manufacturers. Suppliers play a crucial role in the supply chain of the cannabis industry, as they are responsible for providing the necessary raw materials, equipment, or finished products needed for the production and distribution of cannabis goods.

In GrowFlow Retail, you can create and save profiles for each supplier. These are used when sending and receiving transfers, recording package details, creating product profiles, and reporting sales and inventory.

Creating a Supplier

To add a Supplier to your account:

1. Click on Organization Settings.

2. Click Suppliers.

3. Click the green "+" button in the top right corner to add a new Supplier.

4. Enter the Supplier Name and select the Supplier Type from the drop-down menu. These two fields are required.

The remaining fields are not required and are optional.

5. Enter the supplier's License Number.

6. Enter the supplier's UBI Number.

7. Enter the supplier's Email Address.

8. Enter the supplier's Phone Number.

9. Enter the supplier's business Address.

10. When you are done, click Save & Close.

You've successfully created a Supplier!

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