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Retail: Exporting Reports in GrowFlow
Retail: Exporting Reports in GrowFlow

Exporting Information as CSV

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Exporting Information as CSV

GrowFlow provides many ways to view your store data. Sometimes, however, it can be advantageous to view that information in a sortable spreadsheet. Most reports and pages in GrowFlow can be exported as a CSV file. Here is a list of each location in GrowFlow where you can obtain a CSV download:

  • Customers

  • Orders

  • Products

  • Conversions

  • Finish Packages

  • Reconcile

  • Packages

  • Transfers

  • Reorder

  • Inventory

  • Inventory Adjustments

  • Inventory Snapshot

  • Sales

  • Sales by Category

  • Payments

  • Shifts

  • Transactions

  • Users

Download a CSV file from GrowFlow

1. On any of the pages/reports listed above, locate the download button, it will look like a cloud with a downward-facing arrow.

2. Click the button to generate and download the CSV file. GrowFlow will let you know that it may take some time to compile. When you are ready, click Download.


  • Filters can help you narrow your search data tremendously, and limit the number of items you have to load on the screen.

  • The information you see in GrowFlow will be the information that is used when generating a CSV file. You can add or remove information from the download by adding/removing columns to your page or report.

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