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Retail: How to Void an Order
Retail: How to Void an Order

Review how to void a completed order from GrowFlow

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Orders can be voided by admins or budtenders that have the user permission to do so. A register does not need to be open to perform a void. The order must be cash to be voidable. If the order payment type is credit/debit you will not be able to void the order and will need to perform a return.


Voiding any order is permanent and cannot be undone. Inventory for all items in the order will be replenished.

Void an Order

1. Click the Sales Icon on the left of the screen.

2. Select Orders.

3. Find and select the order that needs to be voided.

4. In the top right of the details pane, click the kebab button to open a drop-down menu.

5. Select Void.

6. Enter a comment to provide a reason for voiding the order and click Complete Void.

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