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Retail: (Washington) WCIA Outgoing Transfers
Retail: (Washington) WCIA Outgoing Transfers

Creating WCIA links for outgoing transfers

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This article is specific to Washington state.

When you're creating an outbound transfer to another party, such as a supplier or another retailer, GrowFlow Retail can now generate a WCIA data file and a WCIA link which can be shared with the party the product is being transferred to.

If the wholesale or retail platform the recipient is using supports WCIA, this will allow the recipient to use the WCIA Link or file to enter the transfer information into their system.

You should use this when:

  • Transferring products to a wholesale supplier

  • Transferring products to a retailer that is not in the same organization in GrowFlow

  • Transferring products between two retailers in the same GrowFlow organization

Creating WCIA links

To create a WCIA link for an outgoing transfer, you'll first need to create the transfer. To do this:

  • Go to your Inventory.

  • Navigate to the Transfers page.

  • Click on the green "+" to start a new transfer

  • Select “Outgoing”

  • Select the appropriate setting for multi-stop transfer or whether the transfer contains MJ.

  • Complete the rest of the information for the transfer including Supplier and the Outgoing Packages and then select “Save & Continue”.

For a more detailed breakdown on creating outgoing transfers, check out this article. Once the transfer is ready, select Mark in Transit on the transfer details page.

Once the transfer is in transit, the WCIA Link Menu appears. There are three options the user can take to share the WCIA link or the actual WCIA data file.

  • Click the Clipboard icon to copy the WCIA link to the clipboard to be pasted into another application.

  • Click the Envelope icon to create an email in your default email program with the WCIA Link.

  • Click the Download icon which will download the WCIA data file (.JSON file)

    • When a file is downloaded the file name will include the date and the transfer ID. For example: wcia_transfer-02_23_2022_transferid_142620050.json

PLEASE NOTE: When the JSON link is created, GrowFlow uses a URL shortener to reduce the length of the link. For example: If entered into a browser, the full URL will be displayed.

Once the transfer has reached the “In Transit” stage, the WCIA link will be available from your Transfers page by selecting the transfer and viewing the transfer details.

If a multi-stop transfer is created, there will be a separate WCIA Link for each stop on the transfer. Select the appropriate link and send it to the corresponding recipient.

When the transfer is complete, return to the transfer details page and select “Complete Transfer”. You're all set! 🎉


Does this automatically generate a manifest with the LCB?

No, it does not. You will need to go to the LCB website and register the manifest.

We are a Washington Retailer, with three stores all using GrowFlow, within the same organization. Should we use the WCIA protocol to transfer products between stores?

As of February 2022, yes you can. However, in March, GrowFlow will introduce enhanced store-to-store transfer capabilities. Once that is released, it should be used instead.

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