In this article, we go over the basic functions of starting a register in GrowFlow and counting your till. Only users with the access permissions to control the cashier's screen will have the option of opening a drawer. If you do not see the start drawer option on the cashiers' page, consult your administrator to ensure your account has sufficient privileges.

To start a new drawer, navigate to the Cashiers page, and click Start Drawer.

Ensure that you select the correct register, that corresponds to the drawer you are using.

If you have Tender Count enabled in your store settings you need to input the count totals for each tender type present in the drawer. Once that's complete and entered correctly, click Start Drawer.

If you have Total Amount enabled in your store settings you will see a prompt to enter the total amount found in your drawer. Input that, then click Start Drawer to begin taking orders.

Once this information has been input, you are ready to start taking orders and assisting your customers.

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