Updated 8/15/2022

This article contains a chronological list of all the wholesale enhancements that have been released (since January 2021). It includes:

  • The enhancement availability month

  • The title of the enhancement

  • A brief summary of the enhancement

If applicable, we've included a link to the Help Doc article which provides more information about the enhancement.

August 2022

Delivery Service Fees

New field on invoices specifically for delivery fees. You can also set a default delivery fee on a vendor.
Help Doc

“Give line-items a new ID” Account Setting (Metrc only)

Allows you to change your tag ID by default when a package on a sales order does not require sub-lotting.

Help Doc

July 2022

Grow views

"All Plants in Org" allows you to view plants based on age as well as "days to harvest". Additionally, search on plant records across all licenses in your organization.

Interested in this feature? Reach out via chat support!

New jurisdiction

New York adult-use licensees can now use Growflow

June 2022

Live Marketplace

From Print/Share under Store Setup, generate a PDF or .csv export of your menu. Display standard pricing or create a separate version for each Pricing Group.

New jurisdiction

South Dakota licensees can now use GrowFlow

May 2022

Combined Pull Sheets

This feature helps you organize your packaging process across multiple orders.

Help Doc


Enhanced List / Board views

April 2022 - Metrc states only

“Use Same Item”

No action required. This lets you transfer out all or partial quantities of an imported (received) inventory item without needing to use the "Modify" function to assign it a Product from your own account.

Metrc API Keys by User

Allows users in your facility to have their actions reported under their own API key so that not all GrowFlow changes are associated with a single global API key/user. This is entirely optional.

Help Doc

April 2022

Label Editor

Added fields: Public Ingredients, Certificate of Analysis URL

February 2022 - Washington only

WA Standalone

Minor enhancements in support of the new WCIA protocol, including sending & receiving transfers as well as populating lab results. Removed outdated LeafData references throughout the platform.

January 2022 - Metrc states only

Metrc Tag Assignment

Allows you to assign specific tags to different users in your facility. This can minimize tagging mistakes and ensure that team members can tag from their own rolls of tags with confidence.

Help Doc

December 2021 - Washington only

WA Standalone

Effective the night of 12/17, WA accounts are not connected to Leaf. New features provide for seamless GrowFlow to GrowFlow transfers, and a method for transferring to and from labs and vendors that work with the WCIA protocol (.json files).

Help Doc (summary of changes)


Allows you to view compliance reporting we have done on your behalf, being uploads to the CCRS site and registering your manifests on the LCB Manifest site.

Help Doc

November 2021

Insights (new version)

Insights is a powerful data visualization app that shows insights to businesses across ALL licenses in their organization. You can view your sales, cultivation and supply data for one or multiple licenses at a time.

Help Doc

June 2021

Plant Waste Weight Workflows

This feature allows for the recording plant batch waste with a corresponding CSV upload option

Help Doc

Product Templates

Allows for the creation of reusable product templates to streamline the process of creating new products.

Help Doc

Bulk Label Printing

Allows for the selection of multiple orders when printing labels.

Help Doc

May 2021

Live Marketplace: Support for Multiple Stores

Allows for Marketplace sellers to host more than a single default store.

Help Doc

March 2021

Live Marketplace: Minimum Order Value

Add the capability for the store manager to set a minimum order threshold for orders being placed through Live Marketplace.

Help Doc

January 2021

Automatic MFR Labeling

Allows automatic printing of labels for manufacturers who create multipacks of edibles.

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