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WA Standalone: Upload Mandatory Test Results with a WCIA Link
WA Standalone: Upload Mandatory Test Results with a WCIA Link

How to auto-populate and upload QA results with a JSON/WCIA link or file from your lab in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 4/24/23

No JSON link? See our help article: WA Standalone: How to Manually Add Lab Results

1. Copy the entire WCIA/JSON link or download the file (ending in .json) from the email you received from the lab. You will receive one link or file for each sample's test results. Here's an example of a complete link:

2. Go to Inventory > Overview OR Admin > QA Samples and click Pending on your tested inventory:

Inventory > Overview:

Admin > QA Samples:

3. Click the Import WCIA button:

4. If you have a JSON link, copy and paste the entire link in the box under Web Address, then click Import Data:

If you have a .json file, use Upload File and click in the box to upload or drag & drop the file, then click Import Data:

5. Click Save QA Results. The JSON link/file will update the status to Pass as well as upload the COA certificate and potency values automatically:

Note: If the test failed, the status will save as Fail. See the LCB's page about the QA retesting process for eligible lots.

Note: Use the Supplemental Certificate button if you have an additional QA PDF file to upload.

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