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Metrc: Harvest Workflow with Entry of Individual Plant Weights
Metrc: Harvest Workflow with Entry of Individual Plant Weights

Paste the individual plant weights into GrowFlow instead of tabbing through the plant list

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Updated 8/07/2023

Some states require entering individual plant weights when harvesting. We made it a little easier to get your weights into GrowFlow from a spreadsheet or other list of weights you created.


  • This feature will be in effect on 08/11/2023, to be advised via an email to users with Admin or Grow permissions.

  • If your state does not require the entry of individual plant weights when harvesting, or you prefer to tab through the list of plants to enter individual weights, use the Single Harvest Weight workflow and see Step 3.

  • Regardless of what method you use, also see our article Metrc: Reversing the Harvest of Plants in case you end up needing to make corrections to a harvest.

A. Head to the Grow Overview to begin harvesting your plants. Hover over the strain you wish to harvest in the Flower column, then click the green arrow to.

B. Select Individual Plant Weights and proceed to enter the fields for your harvest:

1. Click Individual Plant Weights

2. If you have recorded your list of plant weights in the order of their Metrc tag numbers, click the ID# column header once or twice to sort the plant list in either ascending or descending order

Note: Notice that plants available for harvest will have a green Ready status, confirmed by Metrc.

3. Select the UOM from the dropdown list

4. Copy your list of plant weights and paste them into the Plant Weights field so there is only one value per line, as shown in the image above


  • The individual plant weight values will auto-populate in the Harvest Weight column for each plant's field, in the order the weights were entered

  • For each value entered, the next plant in the list will be auto-selected for inclusion in the harvest

  • You have the option of manually typing the values into this field, but only one number can be entered per line

  • If there are more weights entered than plants listed, the remaining weights will be ignored

  • The sum of all weights will appear above the Plant Weights field

5. Optional: Enter your preferred Harvest Batch Name

Note: The Harvest Batch Name is not editable once you confirm the harvest. If no Harvest Batch Name is specified, GrowFlow will generate one for you.

6. Select the room where the harvested material will be stored

7. Enter the total Waste weight in the same unit of measure you are using for the plant weights

8. Check the Manicure box to keep the harvest open, if you will harvest the rest of each plant at a later time.

Note: You might find the Single Harvest Weight method easier for a manicure unless all plants in the filtered list of plants will be manicured.

9. When all details are confirmed click Harvest # Plants

C. The screen will clear and a yellow notice will appear in the top-right letting you know that the harvest is being processed. The notice will tell you which email address will be notified of completion and give an estimated time.

D. Your plants will remain in the Flower column on the Grow Overview until the harvest is complete in Metrc and you refresh the GrowFlow screen. You will also see that plants included in the harvest are noted as yellow Pending or In Progress status.

E. When the harvest is complete, you will receive an email stating the change in status. Refresh your GrowFlow screen to see the updated harvest in your account.

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