Updated 6/17/2022

When you're connected to Metrc, GrowFlow's "Undo Harvest" function is disabled because Metrc controls the harvest batches. So when you recognize soon enough that you need to correct your harvest entries, there are two things you can do:

  • "Discontinue" the harvest in your Metrc account, if you do this while the option is still available (48-72 hours) and you have not created waste or packages yet, or

  • Contact Metrc support and explain the correction you need to make

Discontinue (Undo) a Harvest in Metrc

  1. Go into your Metrc account and click on the "Plants" menu

  2. Click on the "Harvested" tab

  3. Locate the harvest batch you want to reverse, and click the "X" off to the far right

  4. In the "Restore Harvested Plants" window that opens, select all the plants you want to remove from the harvest and restore to the flowering stage

    Note: Click each plant if you need to completely start over, as for correcting weights, units of measure, wrong strain harvested, etc.

  5. Click the "Restore Plants" button at the bottom of the list

  6. Go to GrowFlow's Admin>Sync page and run a sync on Plants and Harvests

  7. You should now see the plants you removed from the harvest back in the Flowering column in Growflow

It's not fun to have to undo a harvest entry, but we hope this makes it easier for you to correct course and move onward!

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