Updated: 08/17/22

Part 1: How to Adjust in GrowFlow

1. Navigate to the Inventory Overview

2. Locate the Package you wish to adjust and click Edit > Adjust

  • Note: You can use the search bar to look for the specific Metric ID.

3. Enter the new quantities for the package.

A. Select a Reason for the adjustment from the drop-down.

B. Enter an explanation for the adjustment, if one is not auto-populated.

C. Adjust the Child package that was selected down to the desired quantity.

D. This will automatically update the Parent Package.

  • Note: If the update to the Parent Package is not necessary at this time, deselect the checkbox on its line item.

E. Click "Confirm" once you have verified the adjustments.

Nice work! Let's take a look at how to adjust directly in Metrc.

Part 2: How to Adjust in Metrc

1. Log in to Metrc

2. Click on the "Packages" tab

3. Click on the "Active" tab to locate the Package

  • Note: Click on the vertical ellipses to filter by Tag number

4. Once you have located the Package, click on it and then click "Adjust" after it is highlighted

5. Enter in the quantity you are adjusting by

A. Select the reason for the adjustment.

  • Optional: You can also enter a note.

B. Enter the number of grams or units of measure you are adjusting by. If you are adjusting down, you would add a "-" before the number

  • Note: If you are adjusting down, enter a “-” symbol to enter a negative value. If you are adjusting up, no symbol is needed.

C. Click "Adjust Packages"

Well done, you have now adjusted your inventory in Metrc!

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