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Metrc: Harvest Workflow with Entry of Single Harvest Weight
Metrc: Harvest Workflow with Entry of Single Harvest Weight

Enter a single harvest weight and let GrowFlow allocate the average weight across all plants being harvested

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Updated 08/08/2022


1. Head to the Grow Overview to begin harvesting your plants. Hover over the strain that you wish to harvest in the Flower column, then click the green arrow to advance.

2. The Harvest window will open with the Single Harvest Weight view

Note: When using the Single Harvest Weight view, disregard the Individual Plant Weights button.

Option 1: Total Harvest Weight

Enter your total harvest weight and select the Unit of Measure at the top of the screen in the Harvest Weight field. GrowFlow will spread the total weight equally among all plants.

3. By default, all plants will be selected with a checkmark in the table of plants to be harvested. You can deselect any plants that should not be included in the harvest.

Note: Your plants available for harvest will have a green Ready status.

Option 2: Individual Plant Weights

If you want to enter individual plant weights but don't want to use the method of pasting a list of weights using the Individual Plant Weights view, you can double-tab through the list of selected plants in this view and enter the individual weights per line item.


  • Click on the Id# column header to sort your plants by tag number sequence to save time.

  • Once individual weights have been entered, do not deselect any line items already selected as this will redistribute the inputted harvest weight equally across all remaining plants selected.

5. Once the wet weights are entered, enter the total Waste and, optionally, enter your preferred Harvest Batch Name. When all details are confirmed click Harvest # Plants.

Note: The Harvest Batch Name is not editable once harvested. If no Harvest Batch Name is specified, GrowFlow will generate one for you.

6. The screen will clear and a yellow notice will appear in the top-right letting you know that the harvest is being processed. The notice will tell you which email address will be notified of completion and give an estimated time.

7. Your plants will remain in the Flower column on the Grow Overview until the harvest is complete in Metrc and you refresh the GrowFlow screen. You will also see that plants included in the harvest are noted as yellow Pending or In Progress status.

8. When the harvest is complete, you will receive an email stating the change in status. Refresh your GrowFlow screen to see the updated harvest in your account.

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