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LIVE Marketplace: Multiple Stores Feature
LIVE Marketplace: Multiple Stores Feature

Create multiple stores on LIVE Marketplace

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Updated: 9/27/2021

Create multiple stores on LIVE Marketplace and then determine which buyers have access to each store. This feature is most beneficial for wholesalers who:

  • Sell directly to retailers

  • Sell bulk products to manufacturers/processors

  • Sell certain products or brands to a different group of buyers

  • Sell certain products exclusively to select buyers

To create multiple stores on LIVE Marketplace

1. Under the Admin tab, select Store Setup to edit your store

2. Navigate to the Settings tab

3. Check the List Store box. Checking this box will enable buyers to be able to see your store under the Locked tab in Live Marketplace where they can request access to your store. You can list as many stores as you’d like to be visible on Live Marketplace by checking this box under each store setting.

4. All stores you selected to List Store will now be visible on Live Marketplace!

  • Note: If you have a store for retailers and a store for processors, take care to note the license Type column on your Buyer Access page when granting access to buyers that have requested it. Retailers might see your store for processors and not realize that it's not for them.

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